Monday, April 12, 2010

MY superhero denims!

You know the feeling. 
Your favorite pair of denims is beginning to wear out and that t shirt you love so much is beginning to fade. In a perfect world you'd be able to go out and buy another pair just like it in a flash. Only it isn't a perfect world and the sartorial god isn't on your side. Not today, atleast!

My GAS denims have been with me for long. At about twelve and a half grand , sure they were a stretch, but when you consider the fact that I paid about 1500 rupees for them, the deal doesn't seem so bad! How? Don't ask!

Now, these are no ordinary denims mind you. They are Uv protective. They come with a temperature control option and they have a unique florescent gel that can help forest rangers track me, should I get lost on a trek in the jungle. uhh..ok , quit rolling your eyes. Truth be told, these denims can do no such thing, heck... no denims do! but the one thing that makes them soooo good is a fantastic fit! And trust me, that's a novelty! 

Now, if your wondering what's preventing me from buying exactly the fit, shade, size blah blah... problem is GAS in India has shut shop (pun intended) ..and what only began as a dillema about denims is soon going to extend to t-shirts and what not.
Imagine tees that make you look like your in shape, when you actually aren't. Fabric designed to conceal donuts and brownies oh my! What am I going to do when these things begin to wither away? Why can't good clothes last forever. Why, god, why!?

P! ;)


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