Saturday, April 17, 2010

The wedding!

I admit its crazy! 
But it's not crazy because the channels want to intrude the wedding of Sania and Shoaibh. It's crazy because just about anything on the Shoania (as Headlines today insists on calling them!) seems to be getting whats called in the business "numbers". 

English translation: it's selling!

Their house in hyderabad is nothing more than ordinary. If this country had produced more female tennis stars, there's a good chance that our dear Sania wouldn't merit this much attention. And had shoaib mirza been blessed with that thing called common sense, he probably wouldn't have married Ayesha (appajan or begum still unclear!) on the phone)

I mean ..what could possibly be the circumstance that would make a couple get married on the phone. Green card, yes. Citizenship, yes. Want- to -indulge- in- fraud- and- need - to - be- married- for- it, yes. But other than that, which couple in agrreable mental health want to commit to each other for the rest of their life over the phone. what if the networks bad? What if the call gets disconnected after the second quabool...What if you've accidentally dialled the wrong number?!!!! Haha! or is that exactly what happened?

I have to admit, When this thing started, I was convinced the Ayesha woman was a fraud. Seeing it through the end, I'm convinced it's not that she's cunning, it's that he's nothing short of stupid! She'd my wife (he said in archive interviews), who is she (he said on live tv), she's like my appajan (he said soon after), talaq talaq talaq (he said fially putting it all to an end. So what if he did divorce his "sister"!

Call us pessimists, but none of my colleagues from the media seem to give this wedding more than a year. Some whose marital lives aren't going particularly well are willing to even trim it down to 6 months. Theories even include "Sania's doing this because she has tax liabilities and she needs to show expenses. Enter 15 crores settlement) Personally, I find that preposterous. You hire a good CA to file returns and evade tax, you don't get married! And certainly not in the same jewelry you wore for your first engagement that broke off!

The media's milked this cow,  (no , no..not ayesha!) dry... but something tells me we really didnt get the true story. Somewhere between the out of court settlement and the speculation, money changed hands...and the story lost!

Aah well! atleast the two will get to hump their hearts out now that they're married and not have to worry about another Fatwa!


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