Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weeding it out

The weed didn't choose to be a weed. It didn't choose to grow in a pot that already had a more desirable plant in it. The wind just carried its seed there. It had no choice but to grow. Unwanted. It only tried to live. Drank it's nourishment from the soil. Basked in the glory of the sun. That it slowly began killing the other plant, the one that was potted with love, was perhaps not intentional. Or was it?

Is it the weeds fault that its a weed? Perhaps not. Would it be a better living being if it didn't kill the other plant in the bargain? But then it wouldn't have fulfilled the job of a weed, would it now? 

I don't feel great pulling out the weed. But it IS killing the other plant. One that was a vibrant red, and flourished merrily in the first few months is beginning to look more and more frail now. It's space being taken over by another being. Its water being absorbed before it can get to it. The rays of the sun being blocked by the tall stems of the weed. The parasite. 

We simply plant the unwanted guest in another pot. The weed didn't choose to be a weed, after all. 


Anjali said...

Hmmm. I don't quite agree with what you say. A weed,after all, is not a weed because it was born a weed or has the inherent qualities of a weed. Because, in the end, a weed is only something we do not want there. Why don't we call sunflowers or daises weeds? It is our attitude that makes a weed a "weed". It is our human nature that causes us to categorize one thing as superior and another as inferior. And humans are very whimsical. who knows? perhaps one day, a weed won't be a weed, but a desirable plant?

Anonymous said...

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