Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swing it!

So, I swung the other way! And I have to say I'm liking the change! It means feeling up a whole new set of things with different fingers..but I'm liking the feel of it so far. The Macbook, as I've now better than sex. (ok not really, but you get the drift)

Back to my new operating system and the glowing apple...that i must confess, i hold in front of the mirror from time to time. I'm not sure how, but i think i look very cool (or cooler, shall i say?) with the mac in hand. It's the kind of strange thing most of us do at a shoe store. You try on a pair of new shoes and look at your face in the if new soles are going to change your face!

It's really not as complicated as most had me believe. And if you're a google addict like me, you'll find yourself keying in the words "must have programs + mac" faster than you can imagine!

 I've discovered you scroll down with two fingers. The Spaces, application is great. I have to download Adium (which combines msn, yahoo, gtalk altogether, stroke of genius really) and the vlc player..because quicktime really isn't very accommodating. I remain slightly in the dark about the substitute for bitlord, my torrent friend that's given me so much stuff to hear and watch over the years. And I'm fondly reminiscing about the days when real player thoughtfully downloaded any youtube video i was planning to watch. I'm sure there's a way to do it on the mac..I'm yet to figure how!