Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You glutton, you food whore!

Its an All-You-Can-Eat buffet that has lasted a week from christmas until new years. That's if you're lucky! If you're like me, I started cheating on my diet somewhere at the beginning of December. What may have  begun
 as mild flirtation with junk food turned into a whole affair that's made regret every single decision of my culinary life. Like most cases of I-cheated-on-you, I did it every single time knowing fully well that the pleasure was probably not worth the pain that lay ahead as a matter of consequence. But the mind sometimes falters in picking between what feels good and what feels right. Mine, clearly picked instant gratification.

It's too late now. The weighing scale has spoken, the denims aren't bursting at the seems just yet, but I'm just glad the change I needed is here. My resolution to stop eating crap has to begin now because the new year is when it must! The fact is, January 01 is the mother of all monday's even if it isn't one! It's a fresh start that pushes us all to redeem ourselves, only in this case, this so called new chapter seems doomed for failure because we set the bar so high, that we eventually forget that it's physically impossible to reach that high. Unless the bar is next to a cookie shelf, in which case, the kung-fu panda in each one of us seems to ascend in no time!

Here's the trick: You gotta keep things real. "I won't eat this and that and the other" isnt going to help. "I'm only eating boiled food" is gonna be the reason you'll probably end up being fatter. Worst of all "I will work out twice a day, 7 days a week" will be the reason you won't see the inside of the gym. Heck, you might avoid it like the plague! Go easy on yourself, make sure you don't set yourself up fr disappointment.

Here's my plan, very do-able, might I add: I will eat sensibly. Will work 5 days a week. And the only clear No-No is junk food and desserts. It's an easy plan. But hey, I'm only human! I'll either get that six pack, or I'm going to die trying... to fit into my denims, that is!

Happy New Year!