Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swimming + Music = Excited Paras!

It hardly sounds complicated....but I always wondered, what it would feel like to listen to music while I swam. If they can make underwater watches, underwater lights, underwater cameras and what not...was I the only genius who'd been thinking on the lines of underwater music players? Aah! Clearly, no one was as smart as I!

That bubble burst as soon as I logged into my trusted and keyed in "underwater music player". After google instantly corrected my spelling and suggested i try underwater as opposed to underwtr, we were in business.

Turns out these things are called "waterproof" mp3 players, and there's something called swimp3, which I think is a cool name and all, and it retails for about $229 with a space of 256 mb (cheee, too little). Upon further googling, I realised Speedo, my trusted crotch hugging brand also makes these....and sells them for a lot more than the trunks that only look good on models. (I think the brand easily forgets that not everyone who wears these is a Daniel Craig lookalike! I have loads of fat hippos who waddle in my pool to testify). Anywho, Speedo's version of the same thing is called Aquabeat (1 gb. $ 140)
Of course, you can always buy something called h20, which true to its name, is indeed h20 friendly, or so claim the guys at Their claim- put this shit on your ipod and swim like its your birthday and nothing will go wrong. I'm sure nothing will. If it does....tough luck!

Anyway, I didn't have to order through ebay or wait for a friend to visit the states, instead I found what I was looking for while trespassing Fun republic (as usual). I was to meet a producer and get a ride till lower parel and while I whiled away time, a beautiful blond looked so happy listening to music, while her legs flapped behind her in the pool that i couldn't help but go closer to the window that had this package. Sure enough, it said "waterproof mp3 player". 3 days later, that blond was smiling in one corner of my room after being home delivered in exchange for 3 grand (2 gb space) , her picture fluttering moments before that box was chucked for good and I, in one triumphant moment, put on the ear pieces and enjoyed my underwater mp3 complete dryness!

See, the pool opens at 5 pm. This was at about 12.30 at noon, and if you thought I had the patience to wait about four hours, you might as well think Hillary is winning the white house! I quickly strapped on the player, put on the smile (the blond may have inspired me) and an aroma therapy shower gel, music and an oddly exciting mood got me all worked up...and yes, the player worked... even when it was in the water!

I was at the pool as soon as it opened. Everyone, and i mean, Everyone was looking at me and (more importantly!) my new gadget ....and I was being as nonchalant as possible. (how uncool to smile and wave and do the 'yes I'm listening to music while i swim' dance), although that's exactly what I would've done...or at least wanted to do!

Anyway, the looks haven't stopped. A few people have asked me about the player..and I've made a few friends thanks to it. I realised on day 1 though, that you couldn't do vigorous swimming because the ear phones tend to slip out of the ear. But the swim cap holds them in place. Is it fun? Oh yes! I tend to swim for about an hour, hour an a half without realising how long its been.

I would've been enjoying the pool and the player right now, but my waterproof mp3 player, after four glorious swims decided this was all too good to be true and gave up on me. The guy at Asian sky shop says he will gimme a new piece....although something tells me I might see a lot more of him.

As for the experience, Sure, it gets you wet! ;)


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Girish Mallya said...

I still havn't understood. which brand is it and how and where do I buy one (other than fun republic). I need one asap. Thanks.