Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wanna be frennz?!

I could click the "Add" button all day and it wouldn't change my life. Sure, it could increase the length of my Orkut friends list...but will it really increase the number of friends i have?....well THAT i seriously doubt!

So here's the thing. I'm most pleased when people write in...on orkut or facebook about the fact that they've seen some shows of mine..and they've usually liked what they've seen. THAT part, i love. What i adore more, is when someone even gives you some great constructive criticism. Usually "You talk too fast"! And then of course there's the breed that has a pattern..that I've studied now for so long..that it's painfully predictable!

step 1: They google you...figure you're on orkut. Take the trouble of writing a scrap. and promptly adding you. "Can we be freeeeeeeenz?".

Step 2: they'll be polite and send in another scrap on the lines of.... "I know you're busy ..blah blah... but i was just wondering..if you could write me a scrp

Step 3: ok by this time.. the initial politeness has gone for a long walk. What remains is ..." you're the rudest person i know. You don't even have the decency to reply to a scrap!!!"

haha! and some will even make it sound like we were married for years, before separating to go our own ways!

I've never really understood the point of being "friends" with someone on orkut in any case. You can access pictures and scraps. I haven't bothered locking my pix in any case...(the exhibitionist...that i am!). So why do people go thru such lengths to be part of a list...that really makes no difference to any one's lives!

For exactly that reason..i remember i would add just about anyone..because i said, since it makes no diff..why DECLINE any invitation...and THAT'S when the world went grey! haha, ok...that's where messages and scraps take an ugly turn...some will go to the extent of saying.. How can you not talk to me...ever.!". " you never say hi!". "i thought we were frrrrrreeeeeeeeeeenz!!!!"

So of course, now i find immense joy when i actually do find someone who i want to add on orkut. Usually an old friend...who I've lost touch with. Facebook is STRICTLY for people i know already...or for work.
The irony that these networking sites are usually to make new friends.....but that seems like too much of a task...when it all boils down to adding someone..before knowing anything about them!
In a nutshell..its like sleeping with someone...on the first date!
oh wait...but that's a good thing!
This, not nearly as pleasant!



Ruchiraa said...

Well, obviously, when they send you the add request, they want to say they know the famous TV host Paras Tomar- they want you to talk to them and etc. But then there is indeed this tribe of 'frensheep'-seekers who just want to have a huge friendliest, people who can have endless conversations on the lines of 'hi-what are you doing-how are you-where do you stay-whats up-why are not scrapping me-please scrap me- write me a testimonial' with complete strangers. I joined orkut myself soon after starting college on the invitation of school-friends so as to keep in touch with them. But I used to try and be polite, saying yes to all add requests, trying to reply to all scraps, but then it started becoming silly- people asking questions that are answered on the first line of my profile, people expecting you to say a hello' in their scrapbook every day simply because they are in your friend-list followed by the emotional blackmail-'Listen, if you don't wanna be frennz with me, tell me so I can delete you.' OR 'give me one good reason why you don't wanna be frnds with me'/'all frenz are strangers in the begining'!!!
You being a celebrity obviously face more of it, but there are many non-celebrity profiles with warnings like "I am not interested in making friends./I bite strangers!".
I guess you should just refuse every request, prevent non-friends from scrapping you and be done with it.
I have never watched your show, by the way!

Ruchiraa said...

Whew! That was long!:P

Aki said...

Dude...Which Camera did u use for takin that display pic of urs..!!
Do reply..!!

This Guy You Know (Being cheezy) said...

Dude, just get rid of ur orkut account. It's the dumbest social networking site out there. Stick to facebook and work on ur profile settings. thats it!

Ruchiraa said...

Orkut is a lot less dumb these days, you can block out people and hide your stuff and everything.