Monday, October 27, 2008

Oral Action!

I'd heard about people who put these things off for way too long and then kick themselves for doing it. I was going to do no such thing with regards to my teeth. So, as soon as I dug out the filling from my tooth, I began the hunt for a "good dentist" around my place, and that lead me straight to Dr Mathai, who's logo is a very happy looking tooth. Now now, how could i ever resist that!

So what to me, seemed initially like a simple job to fill the cavity...has now turned out into a root canal, a tooth extraction (surgical, mind you!) and some other process that led me to a very strange looking x-ray station that made me look into the mirror with a strange thing stuck in my mouth and a machine vigorously rotating around me. And in that precarious position I couldn't help but think.....'what if i sneeze now!'.

Well, I didn't sneeze. Phew! My dentist is a sweet girl called Fredella who is accompanied by a dental assistant called Pravin who perpetually ( and I mean perpetually!) talks about going on vacation. I've been going there for about 3 weeks...and he still hasn't left!

Anyway, to be honest...I was petrified when I heard the words ROOT CANAL come out of Fredella's mouth. And while her constant "oh, it's not painful at all" did help me keep my calm externally, on the insides...I was, as they say, shitting the truck loads.

After having looked deeply into Fre's eyes for comfort over the last four sessions I can honestly say, this root canal thing has been demonised for no apparent reason. On the bright side, at Dr. Mathai's I also found a friend that I just can't see my self being able to live through this experience without.... the local anaesthetic! Sure, Fre tells me that I am one of the few who look forward to getting injected in the mouth...but THAT I can bear. Because that uncomfortable 5 second injection makes sure the next hour is opposed to sitting there..singing a song in my head (mostly embarrassing ones!) and then being rudely interrupted by a pain that i probably wouldn't be expecting!

The Root canal, from what I've been told, will be over in another sitting. Dr Mathai removed my wisdom tooth that seems to have had a mind of its own. And in its rebellion it decided to come out perpendicular to all of its brother and sisters (maybe they're cousins, who knows?!). I've been told my gum was cut to get this miscreant out...and the process of pulling the tooth itself out was no different that pulling out a nail...when its clearly in the wrong place in the wall! Only I do that with a Pliers, Dr. Mathai had slightly (if not funkier) instruments...and the spit sucker had decided to give up on us all. So poor Fre was stuck at the mercy of the spit sucker (from now affectionately called SS)..and at one point, the spit mixed with blood .. all spilled on my face and i was at Fre's mercy to be cleaned! See, Dignity has very little room in a dentists chair. You're sitting in the damn thing with your mouth so wide that an obese man could walk straight in without thinking about weather or not he'll fit! And no matter how much you try and hide, your years of decay....those nights when you sneaked to the refrigerator to finish off that bar of chocolate (and didn't brush after, like obviously...duh!) are staring in your dentists face! So like I said, you have to have really good oral maintain even the slightest bit of self esteem when you're at a dentist's...

On the bright side, the hard part is over. My tooth is now resting in my living room next to the jar of pot pouri....while i figure a more permanent place worthy of the tooth and it's calcium.
Until then, if my maid doesn't brush it off with the will love there. While the others (again, are they cousins?) play around in my mouth...grinding, chewing, unfortunately still decaying....!

As for what I'm going to do with this... fuck knows!
If you have a suggestion...OTHER THAN WEARING IT AROUND MY NECK....plz do tell!


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oral action without teeth is only better