Monday, June 27, 2016

Cum and Go!

"Once I cum, I need them to leave"

I'm hearing these words on a rainy night in a room full of smoke with music that is screaming for attention in vain. It's a worldview that isn't necessarily right or wrong. It's just perspective I don't understand.

I'm a certified cuddler. Friends, ex's , hookups even my building dog Sattu will testify that Paras loves a good cuddle. Post coital or not , affection isn't necessarily sexual. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. On more than one occasion I've been asked "Paras, Do you do this with everyone?" . And my answer is always consistent. "Yes, It makes me happy"

For someone who has the reputation of having a ridiculously high libido ( Hardly a rumour by the way, mostly fact...)  I'm surprisingly emotional. I've been lucky to never have encountered a cum-and-go sort of a sexual partner. Perhaps I choose well, perhaps my genuine affection to people warms them, perhaps they're being polite and its quite possible they've actually enjoyed something they probably thought they never would.

To be polyamorous (A classification I've only recently begun to identify with in my single avatar ) is a good thing. For me attraction, relationships, love all begin with a kiss. They Move forward with sex. And when I find someone I like, the reaction is instantaneous. I've never had to wait to fall in love with someone. I really am the love-at-first-sight kinda guy. And when it has happened to me , it's always been beautiful. As is evident,  I choose wisely and  I invest nicely. Perhaps I feel those things because once you find what you're looking for, you begin to hold on to that with such sincerity that the universe realises... this is meant for Paras to have. It gives in.

I could never tell someone to leave right after being intimate. I'm not wired that way. Sure, some connections are stronger, some fade away faster than they might have begun but in that moment, when the clothes are off and the guard is down... I do show an immense amount of affection. Luckily, my world hasn't been ruined by the cynics.

I cuddle because I'm looking for love. The cuddle is an embrace which isn't left with ease. I cum and I stay. Sometimes long. Hopefully forever.

Paras Tomar

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