Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Fitness tracker you SHOULDN'T buy!

So lets get this straight.
It doesn't have a pedometer. It doesn't recognize a cardio session on the treadmill or an elliptical machine and oh yes, the damn thing just keeps falling off!

Moov Now, Moov over!

I'm barely new on the fitness bandwagon. If the dedicated youtube content on fitness and an active lifestyle weren't enough, my passion for health with a hint of vanity was reason enough for me to want a fitness tracker to begin with.

Weight loss is simple mathematics. If you keep a constant eye on How much you're burning and you can figure which activities are helping you burn the most number of calories, you're bound to put your body in a calorific deficit. Words any one trying to lose some inches is familiar with!

The Moov Now sounded impressive from the world go. The build in workouts, the hands on running coach, the six month battery life are some of the things that made it the obvious choice for me to gravitate towards. But that was before I bought the damn thing!

I filmed an unboxing on my youtube channel while I was still in the honeymoon phase!

Once you're initial excitement over the built in workouts wears off, you're gonna use the Moov Now for very little. The only way it really helps me burn more calories is the lil wild goose chase it sends me on every now and then because the main unit constantly keeps falling off the strap! Why they would design it so poorly is beyond me. But you have to own one of these to truly know the frustration! Tighten it, losen it, move arms, try it around the ankle. The only thing that happens consistently is that it falls off! Why would you make a strap that turns over itself even while I'm just sleeping! And what's the point of the large hole on the star anyway!

If you're in India, where running out in the open might be more counterproductive to your health with crazy levels of pollution, the Moov Now is going to do little for you. It refuses to recognize any workout that happens on the treadmill.

While the wear it, forget it idea did win the initial brownie points.. that's just it. That's the one thing the Moov Now does not let me do! It refuses to be forgotten! So i wrote the the helpful people at Moov only to be sent some automated email telling me I should do the most obvious things to not let the thing fall off! That email is laughable! And then they direct me to a page to buy a new strap which is exactly the same!

The only thing mine seems to tell me is how many hours I've slept. the active minutes is pretty useless unless you're a grandmother. It counts active minutes when I'm doing positively nothing!

You're probably better off with a fitbit or a jawbone. At least they'll do the job of a pedometer right!

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