Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MY 'Challenges'

Its something a friend has been saying over and over again and  it's beginning to become an inner voice for me. 'Every second you're creating karma...', he says...and I couldn't agree more.

I know it sounds like a lie when you look yourself in the eye and tell the mirror...'You're fine.' I know it seems like a lie when you begin to tell yourself that you have the strength to face it all. You know you're lying. But here's the most wonderful thing... faith, like much else is easy to fake. Like they say, if you tell yourself a lie over and over...you'll believe its the truth.

My setbacks are not roadblocks. My sorrows, grief, disappointments aren't coming in the way of my progress...they are challenges. They're the bitter sweet instrument to teach me the fine art of living, to teach me to enjoy and cherish my life when it finally does blossom to its fullest. It'll get there. Soon.

I know its easy to get caught up in the moment. Some of us deal with these challenges with rage, some pretend like it doesn't bother us, some turn to friends for comfort..some of us might even drown ourselves in the bottomless ocean of self pity...here's the learning though.. no one can pull you out until YOU are ready to be pulled out. 

My way is to smile. I think a little part of me has begun to believe that I can trick my mind. When you tell yourself the lie about being happy over and over again...you do begin to believe it! And that...for me ...has become the trump card to face these 'challenges'. 

Really, its all in the fucking mind... one moment the damn thing is down and out..and in the second instant it sees hope..and just when you hit rock bottom.. you hear the words 'it can only get better from here', and you smile!
 Best part, you're not even faking this one!


Anonymous said...

Well said.. Tat million dollar smile can never fail.. It brings hope it energizes oneself.. N tat s never fake.. Faith n self confidence can never be fake..

shruti said...

i gotta tell u..ur blog is way better than amitabh bachhanz!! keep up the gud work.. ;)

priya said...

challenges show us how capable we are! so in a way they are good.

Anonymous said...

This blog really helped me today. I have the exact same thoughts but I needed to identify with them. I'm gonna leave this anonymous to make u feel better about this.