Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fire or flowing water?!

 You're having a casual chat with a friend of yours, about nothing in particular...but that's what makes it so beautiful. In those moments, words are exchanged, things are said... and you've generally had a nice time. Here's the most beautiful part though... once the friend is gone, the coffee has been taken away (or warm water.. if like me you don't fancy coffee or tea) somethings come back to you. And you have your 'Aah! what a wonderful thing that was' moment!

Most of my epiphanies come to me when I'm in the shower. Funny how soap and lather and generally touching myself inappropriately helps open my mind! A friend of mine was telling me about the intensity that chanting requires... Her philosophy used flowing water and fire as analogies. 

Fire dies out quickly. Sure, its intense for the moments it burns...but it withers soon. To put it in perspective, I'd rather have a 20 watt bulb burning through the night in my room rather than have a 1000 wt bulb burn for ten minutes and have me bumping into furniture all night! 

Low voltage bulbs aside, I realised very often in my own life...I've wanted things too fast without really asking myself 'can i sustain this?'. Sure I could be over 5 channels doing rubbish shows and make money now...but is that going to serve my larger good. Do I want longevity or am I satisfied with exposing all my potential now and keeping no reserves for later?

My choice is flowing water. There's really no right or wrong here. Its where you take your life.  I want to grow, meander, touch places and plains I hadn't imagined. Slow down if my life hits a village that's beautiful to enjoy its country side, and speed up if life isn't offering me much somewhere. But I MUST KEEP FLOWING! Because if i burn too soon, rather if i don't flow... I'll never reach the ocean. I want to.



Anonymous said...

hey dude,

take this as constructive critisism, tut try to avoid your gay mannerisms. i have seen you a lot on tv, and this is the first thing i notice about you. way to effiminate.

She talks like June said...

umm..5 crappy shows make you lots of money in the long run!

You can then use the money for quality work later?

Anonymous said...

I really like what u said there. Profound! But I also agree with the two comments a tad bit

devikachitnis said...

I think those three comments are being just being plain mean. I think you are doing a splendid job. Great going!

saidunsaid said...

I love u

Anonymous said...

u r unique in a way.....but realised u r many ways !