Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Secret!

I'm a sucker for those feel good movies. I love happy endings. My belief system revolves around the idea that good things happen to good people. And that in the end...victory is certain.

I know. you might think it's naive. But it works!
I've read it in books, seen it in the movies, and only recently the idea was reinforced when i was watching the Movie based on the book- The Secret.
I watched for Two hours...as expert after expert said one thing alone. Feng shui experts, Psychoanalysts, Metaphysicians, Dream cathers... if there was a profession... they were in this documentary! Ofcourse... half and hour into the movie and i was like " ya ya this is all great..but what the fuck issssssssss the secret!?"

Turns out, having the million dollar life isn't that difficult after all! All it takes it a little imagination- the power to visualise!
The Secret, if you're just sticking your head outta the mud, is that if you want it to happen...it probably will! That house in the bahamas, the swanky car, the pay cheque......an ass the size of Queen Latifah's...look at the world like a catalogue... pick what you want, and the Secret insists... It shall be granted!
On your part, what you need to do... is dream it!

It's like we all have our personal genie.. and no there ain't that annoying clause about just three wishes!
While i strongly believe in the power of affirmation- and I really do- somewhere I'm in doubt about how true this might be. That's not stopping me from putting THE SECRET to practice ofcourse!
If you want to be the best fucking TV host this country has seen.. dream it. Live the reality of that probability. Sign autographs in your head. Imagine ratings that's taking the pants off the competition...and the universe shall oblige. YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!

I love the sheer optimism of this thought. Weather or not it works is something I'll realise only in due course. but what a wonderful way to wait around while things happen!
What are the things I am grateful for? What are the things i truly desire? What will make me really happy? Whatever the answers are....imagine having all those things! I know ..i already am. and it's putting me in a pretty darn good place !
Only of course, The secret somehow manages to leave out evil ambition! While its great..for the universe at large to conspire to make things happen according to your plan...what if you're plan is pure diabolic!? What if what you really want, is world domination? What if what you really want, is to knock up your neighbours wife? What if...what your monkey brain reeeeeeeeally wants is for your most annoying professor to get the looooseys..so he's on the pot for hours..?
Well..... Your Wish, Is my command!

Dream it...and you'll probably live it!

P ;)


Jaws said...

Mr. Paras there is indeed no limit to what you want to dream. Donno what a handsome person like you maybe dreaming when interviewing the models, the actresses in revealing clothes or shaking a leg with them or gyrating on a dance floor. It is difficult to remain immune when you are what you are - a happening TV host with a hot & powerful presence.

How many of those dreams you have practically lived that is truly a secret. Similarly there may be many girls (many boys too ha ha) who may be secretely dreaming of you as their future husband. Ya, you cannot restrict their power of imagination. They may have made love to you so many times in their wild imaginations. So how does it feel to exist as a lover, boyfriend and a husband in the secret world of those girls' minds and bodies. Find out, if you can Mr. Tomar.

You are indeed a man with charisma and a certain x-factor. What are your secret desires Paras?

jeev81 said...

hey I like your style of writing and sense of humour..

it was good reading your blog...r u on orkut too?

phantom's wraith said...

ola that was a really good one... and the comment posted by jaws as well truly i feel deja vu readin it ;) if u know wat i mean

phantom's wraith said...

ola that was a really good one... and the comment posted by jaws as well truly i feel deja vu readin it ;) if u know wat i mean

Anonymous said...

hey dude..the secret really works.. trust me.. it did.. u wont believe it but it worked to such a gr8 extent dat i cant explain.. i met a famous person thru emails.. she n i both wer using fake email ids n it so happened dat the female turned out to b my dream gal.. can u believe dat?? n no prizes for guessing how i got ur blogspot id n orkut id.. yupp.. so goes d SECRET!!! think n u wil get it.. by d way u already rock..dont worry..u wil b d leadin host one day.. my best wishes..

Praveen said...

Discussing Secret on april fools day not a coincidence though.
One needs high energy levels, willingness to put in loads of hard work to achieve their dreams.
I sometimes wonder why some people have very high energy levels & some people have very low.
Going by what paras said, i found secret to boost confidence levels, but i always slept during the movie secret.

Chirag said...

hey ,

The secret is a beautiful example of how every little revelation or rather understanding is exploited to commrcial success. with all respect to the author , I find it very basic and simple and yes the fact is that most astonishing things are simple in life and so is the truth and the fact that your mind fucked around all the ears to understand such a simple logic is what your ego rejects to accept at the outset. The best way to feel happy is just sit down and communicate with yourself , your mind shall reveal to you thousands of such secrets !!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww sweetheart...i absolutely adore you

Ruchiraa said...

I am an expert on hopeless dreaming- but even for someone like me who has made daydreaming a second nature, there are days the imagination collapses and you feel there's nothing at all to look forward too in life. I am not talking about you, of course. I bet you have loads of dreams which you knowhow to make real. It was fun reading your blog. Learnt of your blog from a newspaper article today.

Anonymous said...

me too! You look absolutely delectable in your header pic!


Anonymous said...

They may have made love to you so many times in their wild imaginations

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!