Sunday, January 29, 2012

That's not my name!

If cliches are anything to go by, a guy who addresses another guy with a "dude" or "man" or "mate" or "dawg" is in theory wearing low slung jeans, visible boxer shorts in a contrasting color, dr. dre headphones and sports a few tattoos on his arms. And yet somehow, here i am... not your everyday guy from the hood, finding it increasingly difficult to have a conversation with another guy without using "dude" and "man". When did I becomes one of those guys?!

I've never really understood the "mate" bit..and thats still a word that remains unused in my vocabulary. Is it supposed to somehow imply that the other person is your, well mate?! And while some of the above mentioned words come in handy when you a) don't know the person's name b) don't remember it c) dont want to say a name that's either too long, too complicated or too....well whatever the reason maybe.... "dude" comes in handy and usually never goes out of style. Well not until a new friend from the gym says his own name repeatedly in a conversation and clearly says "Paras, my friend..don't call me dude!"

# paras is stumped.

I blame the street talk on one of my recent best friends who not only introduced the "brodaaaaa" talk to me but also made it a very part of my DNA. My usual way of addressing just about all my friends was either too formal or very personal. There really was nothing between Mr... and adressing someone by their first name. The "dude" however, is something i've fallen so in love with that I find myself even addressing some of my more adventurous female friends with the same word. They only laugh.

Ghetto, street, fun..slightly impersonal it may be..but some part of it is me. I might even have gone to the extent of calling it "wannabe" a few years ago.. although now that i think about it... if something is you, it's just you..even if it means NEVER saying your friends names in a conversation..which I'm increasingly noticing!



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