Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things people say!

Picture a fat punjabi aunty in loud clothes with a lil nerd boy of about eleven years by her side. 
He's picked out a pair of shoes he likes, she's trying to haggle.

"Bhaiya..hum humesha sirf lactose shoes hi pehente hain.. theek theek price lagao!"

And I'm already ROFL! Only I can't actually do it, or she'll smack me with her blingy hand bag! 

While the poor dukaandaar at sarojini market kept a straight face thru the "lactose"... I was amused! When i narrated the story to my colleagues, one was quick to say.. "you've scripted this!". To think, I wish i had!

It's hardly the first time a faux pas of this sort has been witnessed. or well, FOX PASS as we jokingly call it! A sweet gym trainer in delhi was playing with his iphone and I asked him a simple question which took a rather dramatic turn.  "which version are you using?". He laughed as i continued doing some abdominal crunches, leaving me confused. Then again, it's standard response. Don't understand something, laugh and exit frame. I thought that's what he did...until he returned a while later and said.. "shaadi ke pehle toh virgin hi honge naa sir!".

It was my turn, to first be very confused (because i had no idea what he was talking about!), then later amused..(because i realized he thought version was virgin!). It's almost like he's decided to gimme a lil gem on each visit. This visit to delhi, I was on the treadmill when he came over to say hello."You're looking very fresh," I said pointing out the obvious. "Fresher kahaan sir.. dus saal se gymming kar raha hoon!". Mental giggle! Again, he is a very sweet guy...and i noticed he simply catches a word or a phrase from a sentence and then goes on talking! on the bright side, there's never a dull moment in the gym!

Good times!
P! :)



S of N said...


i am sure u weren't waiting for me to come and say how much i enjoyed reading you....but I did. I haven't seen your shows but i enjoyed the blogs. I stumbled on it because of the lonely diwali I am going to have this year...ummm...ciao!

karen said...

"Bhaiya..hum humesha sirf lactose shoes hi pehente hain.. theek theek price lagao!"

tee hee hee, hahahaha,lmao... nice post. Keep observing and writing!

Akriti said...

Bwahahahhahaa....this post is making me cry from laughing too much.
Holy crap!
Guess I can add to this too~ I was checking up on this old uncle-ji who I had given a huge printing order to, and he told me: Don't worry, Ma'am. We have your number. We'll keep on touching you!

You have no idea how much self-control was required at that time.