Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small town blues

I'm not sure you'll really understand this until you're in this situation...but for some strange reason...my cousin and me had been yeeeeeeearning to have ice cream for a long time while a little north from simla.

To put things in perspective, in the city...everything is available everywhere all year round. I'm talking about a place where ...asking for bottled water might be too much. And I'm not making this up, i was told water is "off season" when i asked for packaged water at atleast six stores in kumarsain! Apparently, people don't drink water in winters...and certainly not from a sealed bottle!

You can imagine our delight then, at holding three yummy baskin n robins cones in our hands! We even shamelessly asked the woman at the counter to take a snap shot of us eating the damn thing. She was more than amused! The ice cream...heaven!

It's fun living away from the city from time to time. it's good to take a break. But honestly, i do enjoy picking up boxes of cereal without having to check expiry dates...or eating stuff at 2 am..or ...you know ..doing other things you do all the time in the city. Bombay needs me. I can feel it more than ever! How the city survived without me for more than a month, i cannot imagine...but the saviour, ladies and gentlemen, is back!! haha!! ;)


Anonymous said...

But things tat you can enjoy in a small town is not always available in d big city... D calm environment, d breezy winds, d sweet smiles of d locals, d fresh air, d serene evenin sunset tat u can see out of your window, d little birdie at your doorstep singing sweet melodies... Never is it avialable in a big city...

kashish said...

hiiiii :) paras pzl do reply me :) hru.. n y is snp showing soo less these days :( miss it n u.. :) tc