Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Marry a Tree?!!

Unfortunately we're at that ripe age where our parents seem most excited about the proposition of getting rid of us. The Hindu tradition, out of sheer politeness, calls it marriage. While some of my friend's parents have managed to shoo their kids away to another home...some others...are relentlessly trying!

I was chatting with a dear old friend of mine..who's parents are hell bent on finding her a match. Ofcourse...they have to find a whole other set of parents who'll be willing to take a bride...who's already married...and to make matters a tree! She's Manglik ofcourse.

Yes, I know Aishwarya Rai comes to mind because she had to marry a peepal tree...before she became the Bachchan bahu. But isn't she Mrs Peepal first!!?

Here our some questions we came up this conversations about trees, peepal, people and ofcourse strange peepal people. 

1) Why a tree?

2) Why a peepal tree?

3) Does the marriage stand 'null and void' in law, if the tree is not peepal?

4) Who was the smart ass who said...any other tree is just not good enough!

5) Doesnt a peepal tree in Hindu philosophy denote a Saadhu..who is NOT SUPPOSED TO MARRY TO BEGIN WITH!

6) What happens if the tree you're marrying is already married to someone else?!

7) How come its always the girl who has gotta do this?

8) How come no other religion has mangliks.. or do they call it something else and marry people off to canisters, garbage cans, coconuts, sheep, crabs and toilet bowls?!

9) A marriage stands to be annulled if not consummated right...? Do they expect you to 'do it' with a tree while your human husband- to -be watches and waits his turn!!!!

10) I'm sure you have a question or two!!



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Ruchiraa said...

Its a good topic for a blog. More people should talk about this. The manglik topic is now suddenly very fashionalbe- every 2nd serial is giving it is share of glycerine and the rest of the rubbish. We need to raise questions and reduce it to waht it it deserves, ridicule and contempt bereft all glamour.

Anushka said...

Hi, I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I think this bit about the peepal tree is hilarious. Makes some good reading on an otherwsie monotonous day :)

Anonymous said...

you have way too much free time buddy

Anonymous said...

Ash did not marry a tree! Just continue spreading the silly rumours...