Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Move over!

When do you finally say "this person is NOT welcome in my life anymore?"
I have so many friends really. I pride myself on my ability to meet random people, connect with people instantly and make friends. There's nothing like just bumping into a total stranger and discovering so much about people you may otherwise have just passed by.

I must confess, i even considered a project where I'd make it a point to meet one new person each day and the idea wasn't simply to learn about them..but was also to learn FROM them...and there's enough stuff to go around..learning wise!

Stage 2: You begin to value people. They become a part of your life. They add themselves, with your consent of course, to the people who already exist in your world...some you're born with...some ,you gather on your way...and some people..who become your pillars of support.

I've had my share of falling out with friends to know that one thing doesn't change. You always need someone to fall back on. You always, in other words, need support. Your pillars, however, change from time to time. And you begin to do without the old...and immerse yourself, strengthen your self with your new.

When do you say ..enough is enough? At what point do things like 'meeting mid-way', or 'compromising' become so overwhelming that you have to really ask this person really worth it? Brother, sister, girl friend, boy friend, husband , wife, father.......... no matter what the relationship... if someone doesn't make you feel good about who you are...something isn't right!

I'm all for criticism really. It's often only your closest who have the key to your heart. The right to put you on a pedestal and the right to bring you back to earth. And then there are those...who seem to consistently bring you down. Pull you apart..and begin to make YOU question your self worth. THAT is what I've learnt to be weary of!

How long is too give it a fair chance. And at what point can you really, honestly...turn back and say.... i think i've given it my best, it's really not worth it!?



kritzmat said...

well... those are exactly the things i have questioned myself. Quite often actually. When is it that YOU stop making the effort, say ok i have given it my best short but maybe this is where it end. i guess your saturation point answers for you. :)

uhm, to make the understatement of the year, you write well.

Ruchiraa said...

From my experience, it is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes you feel nostalgic, guilty, you want to cling on, even when your rational mind knows it isn't working any more. At some point, we give up. Depending on how emotional we are, we have our own saturation points. Sometimes, the decision hurts for days, at other times, you just gradually drift apart and there's no need to say anything.

nimsaa said...

You know what u really do not stop lookin 4 ppl, cos ur insecurity doesn't let u. And someday no matter how many ever frnz u got-- u spend an evenin alone and u realise wth y am i alone and u wonder , u read, watch tv and goto sleep afta eatin 4m the box.

an then u come up with conclusions from above!
:) u gta make more frnzz!!!!

And ya ur superb

nitika said...

u know its often said that there shud'nt be a single person in your life whom you cannot cut off in a second...but its easier said than done...i think take it easy..stop analysing so much..ders a thin line between being emotionally dependent and emotionally attached once u get the difference life is easier.